Mental Health Programs in Boise, Idaho: A Comprehensive Guide

Mental health issues can be difficult to manage, especially when resources are limited. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations in Boise, Idaho that offer free or low-cost mental health services. The Pathways Community Crisis Center of Southwest Idaho (PCCCSI) is a non-profit organization that provides secure, private and voluntary services to individuals facing mental health crises or substance abuse issues. NAMI Idaho is a collective of families, friends and individuals whose lives have been impacted by mental illness.

This organization offers online and in-person classes, support groups and educational programs to help those affected by mental health issues. Additionally, they provide community presentations on the challenges of living with mental illness. The Idaho Behavioral Health Council (IBHC) is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan to improve access to behavioral health resources and provide better outcomes for those in need. People seeking free or low-cost counseling may not be aware that publicly funded providers in their communities can also offer counseling services. NAMI Idaho and its affiliates offer a wide range of free support groups and educational programs, as well as engaging community presentations on the challenges of living with mental illness. The ACLU of Idaho is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of civil liberties and civil rights.

The Idaho Caregivers Alliance is a coalition of individuals and organizations that focuses on expanding opportunities for rest throughout life. These affiliated organizations collectively support more than 25,000 people recovering from addiction who live in more than 2,500 certified recovery homes in the United States.

Luke's Health System

and the Consulate of Mexico in Boise developed a robust resource guide available in English and Spanish. ECHO Idaho is an educational resource that allows health professionals from remote or underserved communities in Idaho to treat complex chronic diseases with the expertise of a specialist. The mission of the Idaho Life Passages (ILP) is to promote connection and resilience in all school communities in Idaho to prevent youth suicide.

The Treasure Valley branch was originally established 85 years ago to fulfill the promise of equal rights for all minority communities in Idaho.

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